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New Tourney Format ... Against All balouza 4/4/2010 9:39:00 AM

We are proud to announce the launching of a new unique tourney format; exclusive to Leaga; the Against All (AA) Format.

This format is adopted in Games where each Player competes against all other Players; such as; Bowling, Bingo, Dice City Roller, Lottso, Yahtzee, Solitaire etc.. The Player achieving the Highest Score or Quickest Result wins the Tourney.

Against All is a Single Round Tourney limited usually by a certain predetermined time span.

Against All format is only available for 1xN structure Tourneys (1 Player against All others).
  • Against All Tourneys will comprise 2 to 16 Players. The Tourney will consist of 1 round.
  • Rating shall have not effect on seeding as all Players will be playing equally at the same Table.
  • There is going to be a single Winner in each Tourney. In case of a tie, the tie Players will have to play another Game to decide the Winner.
  • The Winner should report the Win on Leaga Messenger. Matches wins and losses will be posted as soon as reported, by the TD, to Players' Matches stats.
  • The Tourney will count as 1 full Tourney for all Players.
  • The Winner will get 1 Match Win and 1 Tourney Victory; all losing Players will get 1 Match Loss.
  • Tourney played and victory will be posted on finishing the Tourney to Player's Tourney stats.
  • The Winner will get 80% of the YEPs Pot. All Players will get the Daily Activity Bonus based on their Membership Level.

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