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Promote Leaga ... Huge Bonuses! balouza 1/11/2009 5:23:00 AM

Promote Leaga ... Guests get Bonus too!

Leaga Referral Program allows you to earn PIPs easily:

  • Earn 250 PIPs for every friend who registers in Leaga. NEW!
  • Double the above Bonus (500 PIPs) if you are a Premium Member.
  • Earn 10% of the paid subscription as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership.

    Your Referral Code (Link): www.leaga.com/?id=YourID

    TDs: Please note that if the new Member uses your Tourney shorcut, e.g. www.leaga.com/go/301250, and registers as a Member, your ID will be considered the Referrer.

    Tell a Friend about Leaga: Fill a small form, and your friend will receive an email introducing Leaga with your Referral Code (Link).

    The Tell a Friend Form and Email are available in Spanish.

    El decir una forma del amigo y un email está disponible en español.

    PayPal is back!

    PayPal was added back to the Premium Membership Orders page as one of the accepted Payment Methods.

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